Spring has not yet arrived in Lakeland. We still have a very heavy snow cover, and what snow has melted has revealed much damage from the winter snowfalls and winds. Saskatchewan Water Security Agency has produced the spring runoff map and the heaviest area in the province is centered on Lakeland. We really need a slow, controlled melt. The lake levels have been reduced to accommodate the expected heavy runoff.
In the last week you will have received a large brown envelope containing a huge amount of useful information. Congratulations to Dave and his staff for putting together a wealth of information. Please read it carefully.
When I ran for office in 2006, I complained about the lack of information coming from or even available from the office. I stated that the only thing I got from Lakeland was a yearly tax bill and last year’s financial statement. This has certainly changed and that includes a first class web site that is a treasure chest of information.
Most of the items that I would normally include in this blog have already been included in the mail out. As a result I will make this installment brief and wish everyone a safe summer season.