On Monday, August 15, 2016, the newly elected Council for the Rural Municipality of the District of Lakeland #521 was sworn in. These are all four year terms, and the council is composed of:

Cheryl Bauer Hyde, Reeve
Karen Bosker, Division 1
Walter Plessl, Division 2
Doug Oftedal, Division 3
John Stauffer, Division 4
Tom Burwell, Division 5

It should be noted that although councillors are elected by division, it is the responsibility of each councillor to act in consideration of the well-being and best interests of the entire municipality.

Thanks is expressed to former Reeve Al Christensen for 10 years of dedicated service, and former Councillors John Ondrusek (2010 – 2016), Gren Smith-Windsor (partial term 2012 – 2015) and Don Boyenko (partial term 2015 – 2016).

As I know many of you read the posted minutes, it’s my intention to provide a brief recap following the council meeting, and prior to approval and posting of the minutes. While this is not meant to be a comprehensive report, it may provide improved communication with respect to council and district activities on a less formal basis. Let me know what you think about this approach.

The August meetings dealt with:

– The decision to research development of a collection depot for oil, paint and hazardous materials.
– Establishing October 1 for residents of Anglin Lake, Elk Ridge, McPhee Lake and Marcel’s Campground to deliver trees and branches to the McPhee Lake landfill.
– Negotiation of a new 5 year lease related to the Sunnyside Beach.
– Discussion regarding possible installation of a crosswalk on Southshore Drive to facilitate better access to Sunnyside Beach by pedestrians.
– Submission to the Minister of Environment supporting the position of the Saskatchewan Waste Water Reduction Council to encourage the province to establish a Provincial Household Hazardous Waste Program.
– With the retirement of Administrator Dave Dmytruk as of December 31, 2016, the posting of his position will be circulated through the SK Association of Rural Municipalities, the SK Association of Urban Municipalities, and their counterparts in Alberta and Manitoba.
– Council meetings are set for the third Monday of each month with the exceptions of February 27, 2017, and April 24, 2017. The District annual information meeting is set for July 8, 2017.
– Notification of discretionary use for a campground application to residents adjacent to Lot 1 & 2, Block 1, Plan 70PA15316 (246 and 248 Commercial Drive), McPhee Lake.
– Application for rezoning of Gateway Resort (McPhee Lake) from C-1 Resort Commercial District to RMU Multiple Unit Residential District.
– Input from the 2016 annual information meeting with respect to safety concerns on the lakes, civic signage, yard refuse and compostable material free-week policy (now extended to year round), information regarding rationale for introduction / amendments of bylaws, and the environmental impact of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).
– The listing of ratepayer concerns which is compiled and reviewed on a monthly basis.

Former Reeve Al Christensen and Gladys Christensen have been selected as Lakeland’s 2016 Citizens of the Year. An event to honour Gladys and Al will be held on Saturday, September 10.

Committee and Board appointments are done annually in August and/or as required. The appointments approved at this time include:

Utilities (Landfill/Lagoon) – Walter Plessl, John Stauffer
North Central Waste Management – John Stauffer
Toddles Lake Water Control Gate – Walter Plessl
Village Water/Sewer Committee- Walter Plessl
RCMP/Protective Services – Reeve, Deputy Reeve
Water Security Agency (Anglin Lake pump) Liaison / North Saskatchewan River Basin Council Board
– Wayne Hyde
Wapiti Regional Library – Cheryl Bauer-Hyde (District Liaison), Anne Barlow, Marcia Bergman,
Margaret Boettcher, Gladys Christensen, Mary Miller, Dennis Daughton (Village Liaison),
Jade Dreaver (CPL Recreation)
Emma & Christopher Lakes Association (ECLA) Liaison – Cheryl Bauer-Hyde
CPL Committee / Recreation Board – Cheryl Bauer-Hyde, Brandy Smart
Tourism – Waskesiu Wilderness Region – Doug Oftedal
Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) Executive – Reeve, Deputy Reeve and Administrator
EMO Coordinators – Leslie Tuchek, Ernest Locke
Deputy Reeve – John Stauffer
Property Maintenance Appeal Board – Tom Burwell, Walter Plessl, Ray Johnson, Peter Schroeder
District Board of Revision – Leroy Evenson, Gordon Williams
Development Appeals Board – Peter Schroeder, Rick Walker, Bill Wilson
Lakeland Recreation Board- Cheryl Bauer-Hyde, Marcia Bergman, Jamie Smith-Windsor,
Jade Dreaver (CPL Recreation)
Environmental Advisory Committee –Karen Bosker, Craig Fisher, Cindy Hansen,
Wayne Hyde, Tom Laxdal, John Stauffer, Robert Thurmeier
District Planning Commission – Cheryl Bauer Hyde, Rob Thurmeier, Ray Keller
SAKAW ASKIY Public Advisory Group – John Stauffer
2nd Bridge Committee – Prince Albert – Cheryl Bauer Hyde
Occupational Health & Safety – Dave Dmytruk, Ernest Locke, Jarett Taylor
Great Blue Heron Park Advisory – Cheryl Bauer Hyde
District Road Committee – Doug Oftedal, Administrator, Public Works Manager

There are a few vacancies in some areas. If you are interested in serving on a District committee or have questions about any of the areas available, please contact the office or complete and submit a Committee Membership Application (on the website under the Council heading).

The contact information for myself and all councillors is on the website and/or available through the District office. We encourage you to contact the District office if you have a concern or require municipal services (and saying thank you for good service is always appreciated as well). This information is shared with Council, so that any necessary policies and bylaws can either be revised or put in place.

So until next month …

Reeve Cheryl Bauer-Hyde
District of Lakeland No. 521