First of all, I would like to wish all readers of this blog a very Merry Christmas and best wishes in 2015.

In my blog of April 28th, I informed you that we had accepted a tender from Bullee Consulting Ltd. to conduct an infrastructure study. We have had meetings with these consultants several times during the summer and they presented council with an interim report on November 3rd. The environment committee of council has met several times to review the data in the report and then met with the consultants again this week asking them to submit more information on several items and zero in on some alternatives suggested in the interim report.

This report and the actions that council takes on the recommendations will have major consequences for our ratepayers. The study will guide council on the actions necessary to continue operations on the solid waste facility (landfill) including alternatives with respect to operations. Data saved by our contractor indicates that as a District, we are recycling approximately 1/3 of total household waste. As a voluntary program, it is quite good, however a mandatory program would see about 2/3 of the volume recyclable. As this would double the life of our landfill, it is something to consider.

The report also indicates that we have an immediate concern with respect to our waste water treatment facility (lagoon). It details several alternatives for council to consider. The primary treatment cell received considerable more volume this year than normal due to extra rainfall, poor evaporation, and considerable ground water being delivered from septic tanks. This has made the problem worse, but does not mean that a return to normal will solve the volume issue. The environment ministry is also considering a change to capacity requirements that would increase the size of our problem. Further study is taking place on specific recommendations and we are preparing a grant application for early 2015 intake. Further information on this matter will be given as soon as decisions are made.

Several weeks ago I attended a mock EMO exercise called by our EMO co-ordinator Leslie Tuchek. I would like to remind our residents and visitors that emergency preparedness for the first 72 hrs. is considered to be an individual responsibility. There is an excellent information display in the foyer at the District office. When you come in next time – take a moment to pick up this vital information. I would also like to appeal to our residents to consider volunteering on the EMO committee. Just give Leslie a call at 306-982-2466 or the District office at 306-982-2010.