EAC met on Saturday, July 29th/17. We met our newest member Marcia Klein. The new Committee members were also able to meet our Reeve Cheryl Bauer Hyde who also was in attendance.

I presented a “Timeline” for future reference. This “Timeline” will be a resource for future chairpersons and new members for planning when budgets are due etc.

The draft “ Terms of Reference “ discussed at the July EAC and Council meetings were finalized by Cheryl Bauer Hyde. The final draft is attached for Council review and approval.

EAC is working on a review of the District Environmental Management Plan. A progress report was designed to help with this process to review the plan and assess accomplishments. When the review is complete, the priorities and actions will be updated and provided to Council for their input and incorporation in the District strategic and operational plans. A response was sent to the “School of Environment and Sustainability” declining an opportunity to send in a project proposal for this year as EAC is presently concentrating on the review of the district plan. Our objective is to have more clarity on an upcoming proposal for recommendation and Council approval in 2018.

Our next meeting will be held in Council Chambers on Saturday, August 26th, 2017 at 9 a.m.

Submitted by Karen Bosker (Chair)