In attendance:  Cheryl Bauer Hyde, Dane Byers, Karen Bosker, Keith Dahl, Karee Davidson, Wayne Hyde, Daryl Jessop, Marcia Klein, Tom Laxdal, Jacquie Moore.

  • The EAC felt the 2019 environmental pamphlets were really good.  The pamphlet information will be updated for 2020 rather than doing a complete rewrite.  The draft of the 2020 pamphlet will be ready for the committee to edit by the April meeting.
  • EAC will continue to work with the District office on the web site to make it as informative as possible.
  • EAC is discussing the concept of an annual District clean up as part of the FireSmart program when it is implemented. Each division could be encouraged to organize an event and possibly end with a barbeque.
  • Landon Farber (Emma Lake Nutrient Study) is working on a document /presentation that will combine two years of data in one report.  Plans are being made for a presentation at the March Council Meeting.
  • The amount of sand permits that are approved by the District were discussed.  Discussion revolved around the negative impact on our shorelines and the fish population that sand has on our lake environment.
  • It was reported that Wildfire Management is now part of the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency.
  • The District Environmental Management Plan has been reviewed and updated, and a report on achievements to date has been prepared for comment by the committee.  When the process is complete the documents will be provided to Council.
  • EAC kept their spending under the proposed budget for 2019 mainly due to support through the North Saskatchewan River Basin Council (EcoAction grant).

Our next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 18, 2020 at 9 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

Karen Bosker (EAC Chair)