In attendance were : Karen Bosker, John Stauffer, Tom Laxdal, Terry Neefs, Karee Davidson, Daryl Jessop & Keith Dahl.

Regrets from: Cindy Hanson & Wayne Hyde

Cindy Hanson from Anglin Lake has resigned as of July 1 st, 2017. Karee Davidson has been appointed in her place and the Committee is recommending the appointment of Marcia Klein.

As a Committee we looked at and discussed the “matrix” that Terry Neefs created using the District Environmental Management Plan’s objectives / actions. We discussed a progress rating system and added other items we feel would be important to accurately assess how much of the objectives/actions have been accomplished or are in progress. After the review process has taken place, the information will be communicated to Council with recommendations for future focus and action.

We reworked the “Terms of Reference” document. As a Committee it is increasingly difficult to get 2 representatives from each identified region. We also felt it was important to have a Mission Statement. We have submitted a new “ Terms of Reference” document that is open for Council’s discussion/ input and hopefully their approval of the changes.

We continue to brainstorm ideas for a future project the Committee can take on now that “The Love Your Lakes” has been completed. One idea is that of a “Youth” photo contest showing beautiful and not so beautiful parts of the Lakeland’s Environment. We thought a prize could be awarded to the winner of the photo contest. This is still at the discussion stage and we are open to other ideas before we put forth a finalized “project” to submit to Council.

Our next meeting will be in Council Chambers on Saturday, July 29th/17 at 9 a.m.

Respectfully submitted from Karen Bosker(Chair)