EAC met on Saturday, May 5th, 2018. In attendance were: Daryl Jessop, Terry Neefs, Tom Laxdal, Cheryl Bauer-Hyde, Karen Bosker, Wayne Hyde and Keith Dahl.

Grant applications to Colleges and Institutes Canada (CiCan) for our water project has been approved for $13,500. This funding is in addition to $8,000 that has been approved by Council to hire a SK Polytechnic student. The position will be offered to Kevin Benmerrouche.

Wayne Hyde and Dave Halstead will be working with Sk Polytechnic on lake assessment: (water turbidity, temperature, shoreline erosion through boat wake action and reduction in water wildlife due to boat activities).
Terry Neefs provided a handout to guide our discussion for the online survey. We hope to have everything in place for September, 2018 .

EAC did a final edit on the environmental hand outs. By printing 2,400 copies, there will be enough for inclusion in the District tax notice mailout, and also distributed through the information table, at the annual information meeting, etc. The topics for the environmental inserts are: Water Quality, Great Blue Heron Provincial Park (GBHPP) /Lakeland Trails and Responsible Pleasure Craft Operation.

Tom Laxdal provided volunteers with the Mussel Monitors to be attached to the docks at McPhee, Christopher, Anglin, Emma Lakes. Monthly data will be collected by volunteers and sent to Wayne Hyde for submission to the Government of Saskatchewan web site for Mussel Monitoring.

Our next EAC meeting will be Saturday, July 14th, 2018.

Submitted by Karen Bosker (Chair)