There are still concerns about bears and wildlife in the residential areas, so the message included in the May update is repeated … as residents and visitors to this natural area that we enjoy, we also need to be aware of how our actions impact the animals who share this space. Things we can do to minimize our impact:

  • Realize it is unacceptable to attract bears and other animals to your property to improperly stored garbage (the garbage bins are not for storing garbage, but instead so that garbage can be collected each Monday morning);
  • If you aren’t able to put your garbage out for collection on Monday morning for a 7am pickup, there are other alternatives available to you such as storing your garbage inside until the next week, taking it to the bear proof bins that are available throughout the District, or if applicable, taking it back to your primary residence for disposal;
  • Don’t feed birds and squirrels during the spring/summer/fall seasons and store bird food outside;
  • Feed your pets inside and don’t store pet food of any kind outside (bird, squirrel and pet food attracts foxes, coyotes, deer, bears, and other animals); and
  • Drive carefully and watching for deer, fox, coyotes, rabbits, bears, etc., crossing the road or feeding beside the roads.

A public hearing was convened for input related to the discretionary use application for a vehicle repair operation from Nicole and Derrick Allan. No comments or public input was received, therefore, the Allan application was approved.

Staff and Council reports / discussion included:

  • The SK Environment Fire Smart assessment report reviewed. Fire Smart information will be shared at the Annual Information session, and further discussion will take place to develop an action plan including communication.
  • Tree removal continues throughout the District, and will continue throughout the summer and into the fall as time permits.
  • Water Security Agency will be testing the Emma Diversion Pump electrical system, and the pump will continue for a time as Anglin Lake’s level is above the maximum range while Emma Lake’s range is under the maximum by between 1 – 2 inches. Christopher Lake’s level is sitting at the top of the range.
  • A tender was awarded to Atlas-Apex Roofing (Saskatchewan) Inc. for repairs to the District office roof in the amount of $32,472 plus taxes.
  • Protective Services (LDPS) staff were kept busy on the May long weekend. They worked with the Ministry of Environment Conservation Officers, and RCMP. Some sign damage and removal was noted, however it was not as extensive as some years.
  • The outstanding SAMA property tax appeals that will be heard by the District Board of Revision are 27 properties from 25 applicants. SAMA will be conducting a review of all 1,100 dwellings designated as seasonal throughout the District.
  • Great Blue Heron Provincial Park has received an initial proposal for a marina at Murray Point. District Council’s initial feedback is the concern with the potential for increased boat and vehicular traffic, and the preference for smaller community docks as is the practice on municipal reserves on Emma and Christopher Lakes.
  • Traffic initiatives include: business signage on Hwy 263 leading to the Sunnyside area; purchase of two notification of speed signs; monitoring of Kenderdine Crescent in Murray Point regarding speeding concerns; installation of a crosswalk on Lakeshore Drive between the Sunnyside parking lot and access road/pathway to Sunnyside Beach.
  • A request by a community dock group at Bell’s Beach to mow and maintain a municipal reserve was denied. The reserve is designated as ‘natural state’, therefore, limited maintenance will be carried out by District staff.
  • Seasonal maintenance staff for July and August include Maisy Hrischuk, Tyler Gusdahl, and Jason McLeod. Kim Bueckert has been engaged to operate the McPhee Landfill.
  • Effective June 3, Michelle Yungwirth began as a Community Safety Officer in the Protective Services Department.
  • CPL Recreation and the Christopher Lake Library have joint and independent programming for all ages scheduled throughout the summer months.
  • The Environmental Advisory Committee information brochure (Water Quality, Offroad trails in the Great Blue Heron Provincial Park, and Responsible Pleasure Craft Operations) will be included with the property tax notice mailouts.

Note to residents of Anglin and McPhee Lakes and Elk Ridge only: the McPhee Lake landfill will be open from 12noon – 4pm on the last Saturday of June, July and August, and then again on September 8 to receive compostable material. Please be prepared to provide proof of District of Lakeland residency as it may be required.

The Division 5 (Anglin, McPhee, Elk Ridge) Councillor remains vacant. Robert Smith withdrew his nomination within the 24 hour time frame following the close of nominations on June 2. Therefore nominations were re-opened with a closing date of June 16, and an election to take place, if necessary, on July 21. At this time, one nomination has been received.

Council will enter into a review of the Elk Ridge Hamlet Memorandum of Understanding (2016) later in the fall, and as requested of the Elk Ridge Hamlet Board.

Ratepayer concerns related primarily to trees, drainage, and as mentioned earlier, bears. With respect to trees, it is not the District’s practice to cut down living trees, even when leaning or not growing straight, except when they may be considered a public hazard.

As I mention in each update, while the contact information for myself and all councillors is on the website and/or available through the District office, we encourage you to contact the District office if you have a concern or require municipal services so that it can be addressed in a timely manner. Saying thank you is always a good reason for a phone call as well, and greatly appreciated by our Staff and Council.

Cheryl Bauer Hyde