– Administration will prepare a report regarding expansion of discretionary use for inclusion in the Rural Residential Large Acreage (RR1) zoning. This expansion was initiated by a request for a vehicle repair shop in this zoning area, which prompted a review of the zoning category.

– Public Works has been working cleanup from the October 17/18 wind storm, with the corresponding power outage of over 24 hours in some areas. SK Forestry is testing for the Spruce Beetle in the Murray Point campground, which also has implications for some areas of the District. More information to follow.

– Protective Services staff attended a local meeting hosted by concerned community members regarding regional crime. Information regarding the role of the department within the District was provided, with some follow up questions.

– Approved the purchase of a small modular building to be used as an office / storage space at the Emma Lake landfill.

– Appointed Cogent Chartered Professional Accountants LLP as 2017 auditors.

– Passed Bylaw No. 11-2017 to allow for the hunting of beavers only with the expressed consent of the landowner and by designated persons within the District.

– Approved a ‘pay for service’ proposal from the Village of Christopher Lake to permit village residents access to the Emma Lake landfill.
– Reviewed ratepayer concerns primarily related to dead trees.
– Discussed requests received related to the use of golf carts in the municipality, and determined that development of a bylaw would not be undertaken.

Some misconceptions appear to exist regarding the use of golf carts in the District. There is no bylaw prohibiting the use of golf carts on municipal roads as golf carts are prohibited by Provincial legislation, specifically The Traffic Safety Act.

If the use of golf carts were to be permitted on District roads, our bylaw would have to be approved by SGI. Approved bylaws are subject to the following conditions:
 Minimum insurance requirements
 Must have a valid drivers licence
 Only to / from a golf course (shortest direct route) – no other personal use is permitted

More information is available on the SGI website; guidelines and frequently asked questions:
– www.sgi.sk.ca/individuals/registration/guidelines/golfcarts.html and
– www.sgi.sk.ca/individuals/registration/guidelines/golfcarts-faq.html

As I mention in each update, while the contact information for myself and all councillors is on the website and/or available through the District office, we encourage you to contact the District office if you have a concern or require municipal services so that it can be addressed in a timely manner. Saying thank you is always a good reason for a phone call as well, and greatly appreciated by our Staff and Council.

Cheryl Bauer Hyde