Terms of Office

Terms of office for council members, including reeve, begin at the first meeting of council following the general election. Incumbent members of council remain in office until the first meeting of council after the election.

The District of Lakeland is divided into five divisions, detailed below. All five council positions and the position for reeve are up for election in 2020.

  • Reeve: Head of the council and is elected by the entire municipality.
  • Division 1: Includes Rural Christopher Lake, Bell’s Beach, Doran Park, Spruce Point, and Clearsand.
  • Division 2: Includes Aspen Ridge, Birch Bay, McPhail Cove, and Neis Beach.
  • Division 3: Includes Sunset Bay, Sunnyside, Carwin Park
  • Division 4: Includes Guise Beach, McIntosh Point, Murray Point, and Okema Beach.
  • Division 5: Includes Anglin Lake, Elk Ridge, McPhee Lake, and Timber Cove.

Interested in Running for Council?

Thank you for thinking of running for your local municipal council. Saskatchewan municipalities need citizens like you to assume leadership roles to represent the people in your community or region, and to provide direction on the policies and programs that will lead to better quality services for communities.

Serving in elected positions is not easy, but being a member of council offers a lot of personal satisfaction. The information on Saskatchewan regarding running for municipal office can be found here. It’s not crucial to have education or experience in a government setting to run as a candidate. You likely have skills, knowledge and abilities that are transferable to the elected official’s role. However, please consider Council’s Role and Powers, and the Time Commitment necessary. Your Oath of Office will be sworn under the Municipalities Act.

Notice of Call for Nomination will be done by July 15, 2020. More information will be available after our Nomination Officer has sworn their Oath of Office.

You will need to file a nomination by Saturday, July 25, at 2pm.